Drowning Interactive Surveillance

Avoid accidents and possible drownings in your pool with this simple DIY Kit. DiWatch distinguishes between three different early warnings and sounds the alarm in your house and in your mobile device.

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"diWatch. The most innovative interactive
drowning surveillance system"

A latest-generation camera

The DiWatch Kit consists of a latest generation, fully wireless camera with WIFI connection to the wireless network of the house, with solar panels. No power required as it incorporates batteries for cloudy days.

  • wb_sunny solar Panel
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  • wifi wifi
  • cloud cloud

Three different warnings

Every time DiWatch detects a drowning alert, the camera sends the images to our cloud platform through the wireless network of the house (WIFI). And it processes, analyzes and detects three different types of real-time alerts.

  • Person falling into the pool

  • Suspicious movement of drowning

  • Excessive time of immersion


Download the App

DiWatch sends the alarm to the application installed on your phone. This application is easy to setup thanks to the wizard that will guide you through all the process.


Mobile App Alarm

An alarm will sound in the cell phone or tablet you required.


House Alarm

Another alarm will sound in your house or pool

Total Privacy Guarantee

diWatch does not store images or recordings

The images are processed and analyzed by computers and a powerful Software in the cloud. After that they are discarded.

There are no people involved in this process. This ensures total privacy.